The AXA Millésimes spirit

the AXA Millésimes spirit

“The spirit of place … our aim is to make wines that are the individual, harmonious and perfectly-balanced expression of our great terroirs.

Always better…. ours is an obsession, always seeking to make improvements, to do things bigger and better.

Heirs to the past, creators of the future
… we never forget our privilege and our responsibilities as the guardians of outstanding vineyards. Our duty is to produce great wines for today and decades to come, then to pass on the vineyards in the best possible condition to future generations.

This long-term vision is a commitment to the vineyard, to all those who work there … and also to those who taste our wines. Our ultimate goal is to to produce wines that express the unique characteristics of their terroir and that will provide pleasure for wine lovers all over the world.”

Christian Seely


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