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food and wine

Harmonious pairings: amplify the wine’s sensory style by combining it with a dish offering the same range of scents, flavours and texture.

A bold pairing: serve the wine with food offering very different yet complementary sensations, thus creating a new balance.

Both approaches can coexist within the same wine pairing. We choose one or the other depending on the wine’s profile, which changes as it ages in the bottle.

When young, the wines of Château Petit-Village show off crisp fruit, with aromas of ripe red berries and black fruit along with that characteristic Pomerol hint of violet…. Their broad aromatic range (fruity, floral, spicy) allows both harmonious and bold pairings.

As they mature, they develop towards notes of truffle and under-wood. Harmonious pairings are recommended to enhance these delicate flavours.


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