In the vineyard

in the vineyard

Producing a great wine involves an infinite capacity for taking pains, an obsessive attention to hundreds of small details.

All year round, the team at Château Petit-Village carefully carries out all the traditional work on the vines, such as pruning and shoot removal, leaf stripping and green harvesting, to make sure there are fewer grapes in each bunch, but that those grapes are more concentrated in substance and tannins.

This work demands care and precision and is carried out with the greatest respect for the soil and the environment.

A combination of analyses and tasting sessions determines when harvesting should start. The grapes are picked bunch by bunch, by hand, in 30-kilo trays. The harvesters make their way down the rows of vines, only picking the grapes when they are perfectly ripe. In fact there are two sorting processes: one when the grapes are picked from the vines and the second on the sorting table when the harvest enters the vat-house.

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