in the winery

in the winery

When the harvest is brought into the vat-house, it has already been sorted carefully. Any damaged or insufficiently ripe grapes are eliminated. Then there is a second sorting process before they are de-stemmed and lightly crushed.

Then comes meticulous plot-by-plot vinification for 25 days in temperature-controlled vats that allow personalised handling. From 2007 onwards, we also started pigeage. This involves pushing the cap of solids down into the grape must to extract all the substances from the grapes gently. It is an excellent way of extracting all the substance and colour without being too rough on the grapes.

After the malolactic fermentation stage, all the wines are carefully matured in oak casks – of which 70% are new – for about 15 months.

The whole of the process is guided by our vision and our respect for the terroir in its fullest expression.


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